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William Bowman

One of the earliest Tustin contractors building many Tustin homes.

How did Cowan Heights get its name?

Cowan Heights has lost little of its rural charm with development. A favorite neighborhood in unincorporated North Tustin, it is now the site of many million dollar homes.

Old Town Tustin Ghost Tour

Back to all Events Join us if you dare…… A Haunted Walking Tour of Old Town Tustin Meet all the ghosts you’ve been dying to

Columbus Tustin, founder of Tustin

In 1868, Columbus Tustin and Nelson O. Stafford together purchased the land that was to become the future cities of Tustin and part of Santa Ana.

The battle for the Southern Pacific

Tustin and Santa Ana have fought over many things, but one of the biggest battles was the fight for the Southern Pacific Railroad back in the 1800s.

Tanks for the memories (Gas stations in early Tustin)

Early service stations operated differently than today’s self-service operations. The high school boys hired to serve customers not only filled the tank, they checked the oil level, the water in the radiator, added air to the tires and washed all the windows.

Wild fireworks

Bedtimes were ignored in Tustin as Roman candles, skyrockets, fountains, whirligigs and sparklers were shot off after sunset.