Tustin As It Once Was by Juanita Lovret


Juanita Lovret shares her personal remembrances of life growing up in Tustin. Her wonderful writing style entertains at the same time it informs.

In an era when the heart of Tustin was the intersection of Main and D, folks flocked to town to get supplies and swap stories.

Some of these stories featured Tustin notables like C.E. Utt, who tried his hand at every local crop; Sam Tustin, whose Buick touring car became the town fire truck; Big John Stanton, who formed the one-man police department; and Dr. William B. Wall, who found inspiration for his orange crate label in a rooster painting from Grover Cleveland.

Drawing from her Tustin News column “Remember When,” third-generation Tustin resident Juanita Lovret recalls the small-town ranching roots of Tustin As It Once Was.