Lighter Than Air by David Crawley


David Crawley’s amazing and comprehensive book on the Lighter-Than-Air (Blimp) Station at Naval Air Station Santa Ana / MCAS Tustin.


The blimps are gone; the buildings are empty; the people who served there for the last seven decades are gone too, but the memories remain.

A comprehensive story of the US Naval Air Station Santa Ana / Marine Corps Air Facility Tustin from it’s planning and construction in the 1940s to counter the Japanese military threat during WWII to its use in the Korean and Vietnamese wars.  The book includes many photos, diagrams, and building plans that have never been published before.

The Tustin Area Historical Society has reprinted copies of David Crawley’s amazing and comprehensive book on the military base in Tustin, California. After leaving Navy service, David became a civilian employee at the Naval Air Station Santa Ana. He lovingly collected facts, early drawings and photos, and lots of archival information to share with his readers.

By permission of his widow, TAHS reprinted this limited-production book.

154 pages, softcover, spiral bound

Publisher: Tustin Area Historical Society