Tustin Area Museum Collections

St Pauls Episcopal Church c1895, located on 1st St., Tustin
St Paul's Episcopal Church, c1895
Tustin's First Advent Christian Church and parsonage with their congregation, c1912.
First Advent Church, 1912

Early Tustin Churches

The first four years of the 1880’s saw the establishment of three churches in tiny Tustin City. On December 5, 1880, a meeting was held to organize the First Advent Christian Church. The chapel was built on the northeast corner of Pacific and Main streets. Completed in 1881, the little church is still in use today.

The second church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church was built also built in 1881 on First Street near A Street. According to church records, on September 25, 1881, the new church “was occupied for the first time when it was so crowded that some were unable to obtain entrance. There was no debt on the building.” In 1902 the building was moved to Santa Ana.

The Tustin Presbyterian Church started in 1882 with the services being held Sunday afternoons in the First Advent Church until the church was built in 1884 on the northwest corner on Main and C streets on property formerly occupied by Fresnicker’s Saloon and donated by David and Mathilde Hewes. The sanctuary was in use until 1928, when the present church was built.