The Tustin Area Museum has a number of displays which focus on different aspects of Tustin history and life.

Tustin's Red Hill (c1930s)

Tustin’s Red Hill

Red Hill is more than a street in Tustin. The street is named after a certain hill in the north part of town with a soil that turned red from mercury in the ground.

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Tustin's volunteer firemen pose with the community's first fire truck in 1929.

Police and Fire Departments

The Tustin Police Department was founded in 1928 and started with only one officer, John Stanton, who was hired to serve as “Street Superintendent.”

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First Advent Church 1912, located at Main and Pacific

Early Tustin Churches

Early Tustin churches played a large role in the development of the community. The early years of the 1880s saw the establishment of three churches in Tustin.

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Tustin Hotel in 1888

Early Tustin Businesses

Columbus Tustin knew the success of his new city hinged on having a dynamic business community for this rural town. He was instrumental in supporting “entrepreneurs” who took a chance on his city.

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Evelyn Furtsch Ojeda , Olympic Gold Medalist

Tustin Sports Leaders

Be it Football, Baseball, Basketball, Aquatics, Track, and more, Tustin sports leaders grew from local to regional, national, and international prominence.

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Map of Early Orange County Spanish and Mexican Ranchos

Tustin’s Earliest Settlers

Tustin’s earliest settlers included the indigenous Indian tribes as well as the Spanish explorers and the resulting Spanish/Mexican Ranchos.

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