Articles About Tustin History

Most of these articles are from columns written by Tustin Historian Juanita Lovrett and come from older issues of the Tustin News (reprinted with permission courtesy of Southern California News Group/The Orange County Register). 

In many cases, these articles on Tustin history were written 10-20 years ago, so some of the date/business references may no longer be accurate. In some cases, our editors have commented on updates. The photos are from the collection of the Tustin Area Historical Society. Please contact the Society if you would like to reuse them.

Tustin Service / Mobil Gas station located at D and First St. Originally Bristow's Signal, the station became Tustin Service in the 1930s.

Tanks for the memories (Gas stations in early Tustin)

Early service stations operated differently than today’s self-service operations. The high school boys hired to serve customers not only filled the tank, they checked the oil level, the water in the radiator, added air to the tires and washed all the windows.

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Tustin Fireworks at the Tustin High School

Wild fireworks

Bedtimes were ignored in Tustin as Roman candles, skyrockets, fountains, whirligigs and sparklers were shot off after sunset.

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