William Bowman

William Bowman

First published September 28, 2003

Missouri native William D. Bowman brought his wife and family to Tustin in 1881 from Kansas. William and his wife Ella Galloway Bowman raised their six children in Tustin, including the youngest son, William Henry Bowman, born in Tustin in March 1888.

William Bowman spent the first six years in Tustin working on the raisin ranch of Hiram Snow before purchasing his own twenty acres of land at Newport and McFadden. Later, he would purchase a ranch on Redhill north of Irvine Blvd, retiring from ranching in 1916.

The eldest son, Edgar Bowman, owned and operated a photography studio in Pasadena. William and Ella’s second son, Charles Bowman, owned and orchard fumigation company, Bowman & Howley, eventually becoming the Graves and Howley Fumigation Company. He owned the land at Laguna and Orange Avenue, and sold it to the school district for the site of Tustin High School.

William and Ella’s youngest son, William Henry Bowman, was a very successful contractor in Tustin, with his partner, Sam Preble. The Bowman and Preble General Contractor’s built many homes in the Tustin and Santa Ana area, that are still standing today. They are also credited with building the Ebel Club and the Presbyterian Church. Will and his wife Ruth were successful ranchers, builders and one of Tustin’s most prominent families.