Dr. James Patton Boyd, Tustin’s second doctor

Dr. James Boyd

First published 4/11/23

Did you know the tiny, little red fronted building (built in the 1880’s) at 434 El Camino Real, and now the home of Hola Adios Coffee was once the office of Tustin’s first doctors, Dr. James Shelton, and for more than 20 years, the medical office of Tustin’s second doctor, Dr. James Patton Boyd.

Dr. James Patton Boyd was born in Buchanan Virginia, the son of Andrew and Elizabeth Jordan Boyd. He graduated from New York University in 1879 and in 1888 moved to Santa Ana, establishing his medical practice in Santa Ana and Tustin that same year.

Dr. Boyd was described as a friend to the poor and rich alike, attended to the sons and grandsons of those the early county pioneers he treated and was the personal physician to famed Madame Helena Modjeska. He was considered to be one of the county’s best physicians and surgeons and a great humanitarian. He was one of the organizers of the Orange County Medical Association, serving as its first secretary for three years, then as President in 1902, during which the Santa Ana Hospital was built.

A lifelong bachelor and brother to Rosa Boyd, who also never married, the siblings were prominent in Tustin’s social circles, frequently entertaining at their home at 801 North Main Street in Santa Ana.

He was a member of the American Medical Association, a onetime railroad physician on the Richmond-Allegheny Railway, a medical examiner at the start of World War I and a dean at a medical school. He retired from his medical practice in 1930 at age 76.

After he retired, he lived for a short time in Redlands before moving to Laguna Beach in 1937. He passed away 2 April 1938 at age 84 and is buried at Santa Ana Cemetery. His sister, Rosa, passed away the following year and is buried beside her brother.