JoAnn and Arv Bollesen Art Contest

2017 contest winners and their teachers.

In 2005, the Tustin Area Historical Society introduced an art contest called the Old Town Tustin Poster Contest. We wanted to help third graders familiarize themselves with Old Town Tustin and Tustin history and thought this was a great way to do it. (It is only in third grade that the Tustin Unified School District students are presented with a study about Tustin history)

After several years, the contest became a regular art contest and was renamed, in honor of a notable Tustin couple, the JoAnn and Arv Bollesen Art Contest. There are tours of the Tustin Museum and Old Town Tustin, History-in-a Box trunks containing artifacts about life in the early days of Tustin and trips to the schools by docents to talk about Tustin history. This information helps the third graders with choices for their art work. The contest is in the Spring and there are ribbons for the winners with cash prizes.

Thank you to all the students who enter the contest and to all the TUSD teachers who participate! (And a big thanks to all the volunteers and donors who make the contest such a success!)

Arvid Bollesen viewing posters at the Tustin Library (2015)

2016 winners

2015 winner

2013 winners