Test your knowledge about the community

by Juanita Lovret
Reprinted courtesy of the Tustin News

Todayís Remember When is a quiz to show you how much you know about the community in which you live.

1. Tustin City was founded by ________________, a carriage maker from Petaluma.

2. The property was part of __________________ which had been owned by the Yorba family.

3. The ___________ for the city was filed between August 1870, and May 1871.

4. Anyone who agreed to build a house was given a ____________.

5. The area was covered with tall yellow mustard plants and a grove of ____________.

6. _______________, who opened a general store, came to Tustin with his wife, Arvilla, and son Charles Edward in 1874.

7. Started in 1886, the ______________ , Tustinís oldest business, is now owned by the City of Tustin.

8. When Tustin lost out to Santa Ana in 1877 as the Southern terminus of the Southern Pacific Railroad, Ed Utt said Tustin was destined to be a __________.

9. Columbus Tustin died July 27, 1883, thinking that Tustin City was a _________.

10. Despite the ups and downs of Tustin City, _____________enjoyed a steady growth.

11. Early crops were walnuts and apricots with _________gaining rapidly.

12. Sam Tustin, son of Columbus and one of the first in Tustin to own a car, donated his 1912 Buick touring car to the city to be converted into the cityís first ____________.

13. Tustin was incorporated on Sept. 21, ______ .

14. The first mayor of Tustin was _______________, manager of Tustin Hills Citrus Association.

15. ďBig JohnĒ Stanton, Tustinís first policeman, had to provide his own _______

16. City personnel worked in a number of locations before they finally moved to the first city hall on Third Street in ______.

17. Tustinís official city flower is a ________. and the official city tree is the __________.

18. Tustinís nickname is __________________.

19. On March 16, 1998, the ________________was adopted as the official city bird. 20.Tustinís newest park is ___________________.

1. Columbus Tustin 11. citrus 2. Rancho Santiago de Santa Ana 12. fire truck 3. plat map 13. 1927 4. free lot 14. Byron Crawford 5. sycamore trees 15. car 6. Lysander Utt 16. 1950 7. Water Works 17. camellia and flowering red gum 8. village 18. City of Trees 9. failure 19. hooded oriole 10. agriculture 20. Citrus Ranch Park Hope you scored 100%


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